Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Thank you for using the Ifa Obi App

The Ifa tradition originates from ancient Nigeria and is one of the oldest religions known to man. Traditionally the Obi has been used as the most elemental of divination systems. The Obi shells used are said to be the origins of the Runes, Tarot and I-Ching. The Orisas, the nature deities introduced, adapted and eventually applied to the more humanized Gods by the Ancient Greeks. The tenacious survival and revival of this secret oral tradition of a living spirituality not only aligns with Mother Nature but also one's intuition and ancestors.

The Ifá Divination system was added in 2005 by UNESCO to its list of the "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity".

The Ifa Obi App is the world's first application for Ifa Obi Divination. This tool is designed to interpret the cast when using the Obi in order to quickly learn and align with the user's highest intuition. Suitable for beginners to intermediate students and devotees of Yoruba Ifa Orisa culture and religion, it helps one integrate the Obi into their daily life.

The Obi are made up of two male and two female shells which are cast to gain clarity on a situation or a question. This app will help users interpret their cast. This basic Obi divination can be used for questions that require a simple yes, no or maybe answer and the intermediate and advanced cast provide greater detail.

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